ROC Society is a member of DIRECTIONS

Welcome to ROC Centre

The ROC Society is a community based not-for-profit organization who helps people with disabilities work towards their hopes and dreams. Its mission is creating unity as we embrace our many abilities. We have been a family since 1975 and have 31 members.

Our members can build on their gifts and contribute to our businesses through meaningful work in woodworking, baking, recycling and crafts. Members partake in community activities including swimming, library, Special Olympics, etc.

Thanks to family and friends in the community, the ROC Society opened the first Community Home to the Strait Area. Shalom opened its doors and welcomed Patricia Bird in August 2010 where she lives with four housemates.

The Board of Directors saw a need to offer help to individuals who live on their own but who needed a helping hand to succeed. The Independent Living Program welcomed two individuals in October 2006 and presently offers support to nine individuals.