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Ways To Support

Methods of Giving

Whether you are visiting for our delicious baked goods, unique crafts, thrift section, online auction, home décor or just a friendly smile, we appreciate your support. Without the support of our community, none of this would be possible.

If we could ask our members on any given day what they love most about being a part of the ROC Society, it would be “parties” but what that word translates to is community, belonging, together, valued, happiness, music, dancing, laughter, friendships and at its core…. Inclusion. At the ROC we believe that these are basic human rights that everyone deserves.

Your donations allow us to be able to provide these soul-enriching moments that last a lifetime for our members because the gift of a genuine smile is priceless.

If you love our mission and would like to contribute to our cause, there are other ways you can donate.


Cash Gift

A cash gift is a monetary donation given in the form of cash, cheque or online. Often cash gifts can be given on anniversaries, birthdays or as a memorial gift to remember a loved one. All cash gifts are tax deductible.

A Gift in Your will

Leaving a gift in your will is a very personal decision for you and your loved ones. After discussing this with your family, and you feel this is the right decision for you and your family, you can arrange to include the ROC Society in your will or estate. A gift in your will can also reduce the amount of taxes owed once the estate is settled, as it is tax deductible.


A Gift of Life Insurance

This is an arrangement in which you designate The ROC society as the “beneficiary” or the “owner” on your life insurance policy. Any future premiums you pay on the policy could be tax deductible.

If you name ROC Society as the “owner”, any premiums you opt to pay on the policy could be tax deductible and the cash value of this gift may be tax deductible at the time the estate is settled.

If you name THE ROC Society as the “beneficiary”, The ROC Society will receive the value at the time the estate is settled, and the estate could benefit from reduced taxes, however the premiums you pay are not tax deductible.

A Gift of Securities

You can give shares as a gift and may receive a tax receipt on the current value without incurring any capital gains tax on accumulated value during the time the shares were owned. If the shares are sold and then given to The ROC Society as a gift, there could be a capital tax payment to be made on the accumulated value.


A Gift of Property

By donating a gift of property, such as a cottage, house, painting, or some other type of property, you could receive a tax credit on the value of the property or item being donated. There is also the possibility of capital gains tax on the accumulated value of the property that will have to be paid.

In-memorial donations

A donation made in memory of a loved one is a private and personal decision. If you are interested in making an in- memorial donation to the ROC Society, please reach out to us. We will work with you to carry out this according to your wishes.



If you love what we do and what we are about, then the gift of your time is an excellent way to donate to the ROC Society. If you are enthusiastic, a team player and looking to make a positive impact in someone’s life then you be interested in volunteering with us. Please call 902-227-8502 to discuss the options.


My experience with the ROC Foundation has been incredibly rewarding. To be able to contribute to the ROC Society and support the staff who are delivering services to the people the ROC serves and witness the positive difference being made in a person’s life is gratifying.

Bert Lewis


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